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24 ore Operating time in the national territory
3 giorni Average time for repairing
85 % Dispatched repairing within 7 working days


We guarantee quality, reactivity and total dedication to the customers’ needs during the maintenance phases.

The exceptional maintenance is guaranteed through dedicated assistances all over the national territory.

The programmed maintenance is previously agreed with the customer and it can be booked online. Our specialized technician, trained at the manufacturing firms, carry out the maintenance through the whole year.

Our online app, the ZN Calendar, organizes the maintenance interventions in order to guarantee a constant and accurate control of the machinery or of the components status.

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We offer the servicing either for machinery and components already in your possess which need to be adapted and/or modified for new production, or for used machinery searched in the market on specific request. The carried out servicing can be fully or partial, according to your necessities.


We offer the servicing for numerous types of wood working machines. Our firm commonly deals with edgebanding, squaring-edgebanding, CNC, beam panel saw, sanders and calibration machines.

Our servicing can be fully or partial in both the mechanical and the electrical part. Mechanically, we replace the worn out components or we substitute the units for technological adaptation of the machine. Electronically, we implement electronic systems: axes for the management of new components or the substitution of the management of the machine electronic controls.

Zanin Nello regularly conducts machines retrofit for gluing systems replacement or for the adaptation of operators’ units.


We are strongly specialized in glue pots servicing, either of our production or of the main edgebanding/squaring-edgebanding manufacturers, with a fast and qualified service. The servicing allows the unit to work in time in new-like conditions. The glue pots are also subject to Zanin Nello exclusive nonstick treatments.


Our firm also offers the driving chain servicing for squaring-edgebanding machines. The chains are serviced and refurbished in a specific controlled temperature room. They are entirely cleaned/dismantled and re-assembled with the appropriate equipment. The service further extends to your headquarter with the re-assembling and the testing of the chains. Subsequently, we offer an after-sale service for the right maintenance over time, both for the lubrication and for the periodical rectifying of the rubber plates.

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Online Service

Through the online app in our website, it is easy to manage the requests and to follow the maintenance phases.

We created this system to improve and ease the communication between our Service office and the customer.

The ZN calendar software allows the customer to consult its machine cards, to divide the cost center, to visualize past interventions and to organize with our Service the future ones. This kind of service reduces the costs and avoids machine stops because the customer can exactly know when the maintenance is necessary.

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Machine handling

We offer the machine handling service, with an efficient and safe transport. We work in a professional manner to satisfy every customer’s needs and we respect every safety regulations to ensure an optimum work.

We also operate in the installation and the testing of new machines too. In this way, our firm immediately takes contact with the customer and we are able to learn all the required information to train the technical staff.

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