The best technology for polyurethan glue

183 Edgebander modification made
23 % avarage adhesive consumption decrease
3 Average days necessary for the installation

One system, several advantages


The hermetic seal of the EasyPUR system blocks any air introduction inside the pre-melting unit or the glue pot avoiding any internal reticulation. This air absence maintains the maximum quality of the adhesive and guarantees the system functioning in the long term.


The adhesive is melted and released by the pre-melting unit inside the glue pot only when the working production needs it. Thanks to this procedure and other technical solutions, our customer has gained an adhesive usage saving between 15-25% compared with their previous system.


Thanks to the oxygen absence inside the system, our units does not create any internal incrustation and they can work up to 5 consecutive days without the necessity of a cleaning procedure with the cleaner. Thanks to this, the time dedicated to the cleaning is significantly decreased.


Based on technical analysis on machinery where EasyPUR is installed, it has been measured that the isocyanates dispersion caused by the PUR adhesive melting is highly decreased. This means that with our system the operators can work in the maximum safety environment conditions.


Our products range is highly adaptable and it covers every production needs, from the artisan to the big production. With a good retrofit on your edgebander, even if it has several years, the EasyPUR system allows to extend your machinery life and to upgrade your products quality.

How we intervene:


In short time, we can give you a retrofit feasibility report for the modification of your machine. What we need are some photos and some simple technical information of the machine.


We first check the status and the possibility to adapt the existing units on the machine to the PUR adhesive and then we decided if proceeding with their service or with their substitution.


Thanks to their independent management, our units can be easily installed without interfering with the existing control system of your machine.


We will at your side even after the acceptance test, with our service at your disposal for any assistance on our products or any spare parts request.

Send us your machine data for a retrofit quotation!

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